Clinical Development

The Global Development Center of Fosun Pharma is responsible for managing the clinical development of new drugs for Fosun Pharma and its subsidiaries.
It is mainly engaged in the organization and coordination of clinical trials of drugs, CRO management, protocol design for clinical trials, project implementation, data management, statistical analysis and preparation of final reports. In addition, it is responsible for providing suggestions on the strategic planning of products from the clinical point of view, thus providing medical professional guarantee for project approval, innovator drug development and drug evaluation. Its business covers the planning and implementation of clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine, chemicals and biologics at various phases.

  • After years of continuous development and accumulative innovation, the Global Development Center sets its foot in China, the United States and Europe. It has a systematic and perfect whole-process R&D platform from the discovery of innovator drugs to clinical study and to post-marketing reevaluation.
  • Under the product development principles of "global linkage and integrated innovation", the Company has established its R&D centers in China, the United States and Europe to achieve outstanding synergistic advantages. These three R&D centers work closely together to ensure a cost-effective and productive R&D process.
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