• Short-term Goal

    2021 ~ 2025

    Short-term Goal

    To gradually keep up with international norms and become the most socially responsible and sustainable enterprise in China’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

  • Mid-term Goal

    2026 ~ 2030

    Mid-term Goal

    To be a part of the global sustainable development system, and become a Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprise with international social responsibility awareness and reputation

  • Vision


    To become a Chinese pharmaceutical and healthcare enterprise with global social responsibility influence

Four Strategic Pillars

The brand values of "care for life, continuous innovation, pursuit of excellence, sustainable partnership" are the norms for every staff of Fosun Pharma in work, and also a social responsibility commitment of Fosun Pharma.

  • Care for life

    We respect life, provide safe, convenient and high-quality healthcare products and services, and continuously strive to improve the quality of human life. We cherish individual living environment and promote public health and environmental improvement with the concept of sustainable development. We are enthusiastic about social welfare and help poverty-stricken patients and vulnerable groups, in order to proactively bear corporate social responsibility.

  • Continuous innovation

    We persist in innovation and R&D and bring new possibilities to public health through original breakthroughs and application of technology improvements. We bring together global innovation resources and follow up on cutting-edge R&D technology, to build an international R&D platform. We promote management innovation and continuously improve the efficiency of operations, to become a continuously evolving intelligent entity.

  • Pursuit of excellence

    We prioritize quality, and have established a production management and service system that meets international standards. We continuously improve manufacturing processes and optimize service experience, to provide high quality products and services. We pursue excellent and do the right things, the difficult things, and the things taking time to develop

  • Sustainable partnership

    We adhere to the entrepreneurial ideal and advocate entrepreneurship, and advocate the enterprise culture of team work. We integrate industrial resources and promote integration and synergy, to create value and share development. We promote the sustainable development of the industry and create long-term value with excellent partners and strive to build a harmonious and healthy business ecosystem.

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